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Warranty Policy

UCAS strives to offer products that are free from defects to give the end user years of trouble-free service. To support our quality claims, UCAS backs them up with a rock-solid warranty.

This warranty covers manufacturing defects and general failures but is contingent upon proper use of the equipment, and does not cover equipment that has been modified or subjected to abusive physical or electrical stresses from ESD, surge. UCAS warrants to the original purchaser, for a period of two (2) year from the shipment from UCAS, each item to be free from defects in material and workmanship.

If during the warranty period a defect should impair the performance of the unit, UCAS agrees, at its option, to repair or replace the unit or its defective components. For more details please refer to Return & Repair Support.

UCAS shall be excused from supplying warranty service if the unit’s case has been open or if the unit has been subject to unauthorized repair. All service outside the scope of this warranty shall be paid for by the Purchaser at UCAS’s rates in effect at the time of this repair. UCAS will not perform any repairs outside of the warranty without written authorization by the Purchaser. If the repair is a warranty repair, UCAS will ship the unit back to the Purchaser, by a method determined solely by UCAS, prepaid. If the Purchaser requests, any other means of transportation it shall be at the Purchaser’s expense.

The use of the equipment shall be under the Purchaser’s exclusive management and control. The Purchaser will be responsible for assuring the proper installation, use, management and supervision of the equipment.UCAS will not be liable for personal injury or property damage.

In no event shall UCAS be liable for loss of profits, loss of use, or any indirect, consequential or incidental damages. Purchaser agrees that UCAS will not be liable for any damages caused by the Purchaser’s failure to fulfill any of the Purchaser’s responsibilities set forth herein.