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UCAS Launches VNX (VITA74) Compliant Small Form Factor system and boards

Date : 2016/07/12| Author : UCAS| Views : views

April, 2016. UCAS Launches New VNX (VITA74) Compliant Small Form Factor system and boards.

In order to meet the growing needs for improved SWAP with a rugged, low cost, fast serial fabric interconnect based Plug-in Module, UCAS launched new small form factor system and boards based on VITA74 (VNX) specification.


SBC Board---VN2102

Intel ® Atom E3845 processor, quad core @1.9GHz

RAM: 4GB, DDR3L-1333

eMMC: 16GB

Backplane: 3x X1 PCIe Gen2, transmission rate 5Gbps/lane

SSD Board---- VN3000

512GB / 460GB effective (MLC)

256GB / 220GB effective (SLC)

2x SATAIII or 1x X2 PCIe Gen2


Power Supply Board----VN7100

IO Board---VN8100