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Electronic Systems

Today’s embedded systems are moving into ever more challenging applications and environments. The systems must often resolve conflicting demands of modularity, ruggedness, cooling and more. UCAS’s open architecture Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) based rugged embedded computing systems achieve a balance among the flexibility and modularity as well as ruggedization and cooling. They use advanced thermal and mechanical design techniques to deliver reliable, environmentally resilient standards-based embedded, high-performance computing solutions.

UCAS provide systems needed for air, ground and naval defense, aerospace, homeland security and commercial applications. Our systems could be used in these markets include high-performance signal processing, video surveillance, mission processing, sensor processing, networking/routing and rugged secured storage systems.

UCAS can provide standard 3U/6U OpenVPX and VNX electronic systems as well as modified and customized systems to meet the specific requirements of users.