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GJB9001B-2009 / ISO9001-2008 quality certifications

UCAS is committed to providing high-quality products to the customer and believes a strong Quality Management System is the guarantee of stable quality product.


  • In June, 2006,UCAS got ISO9001-2000 certification.
  • In April, 2009, UCAS gotGJB9001A-2001 (China Military Products Quality Management System) certification. It started to follow a more strict quality management standard to ensure higher reliability of the products it supplied.
  • In December, 2010, UCAS got GJB9001B-2009 certification, which complete covers ISO9001-2008.


In addition to advancing quality, we lower risk for our customers by developingCOTS hardware that has already been proven and qualified in a full range of platforms and environmental conditions.